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  Lasers/ Punches/ Brakes/ Shears/ Misc/All Machine Types
CNC Laser Systems
  AMADA FO-4020NT, 80" x 160" Auto-Dual Pallet, 4000 Watt FANUC, Equipped with the following Optional & Standard Features: Rotary Axis Attachment, EZ Cut OVS, WACS, Non-Contact Cutting Head w/Auto Focus Pre-Set, Programmable High-Pressure Assist Gas, Work Piece Lifters, & TORIT Dust Collector, Installed 12/03
  BYSTRONIC Bystar 3015-2, 2800 Watt, 5' x 10' Auto-Dual Pallet Shuttle System, Non-contact Cutting Head, Hi-Pressure Assist Gas, & Dust Collector., 1994
  BYSTRONIC Byspeed 3015, 5200 Watt, 5' x 10' Auto-Dual Pallet Shuttle System, All Standard Machine Features including; Direct Helical High Speed Drives, Semi-Automatic Swing Arm Type Material Loading System, Quick Change Cartridge Style Capacitive Height Sensing Cutting Head(5 & 7.5 Focal Length Lens) w/BYPOS Adaptive Optics Auto-Focus, Cross Jet Nozzle, & Automatic Sheet Edge Sensor., 2005
  BYSTRONIC Bystar 2512, 2800 Watt, 4' x 8' Auto-Dual Pallet, Semi-Automatic Swing Arm Type Material Loading System, Auto-Dual Pallet Shuttle System, Non-Contact Cutting Head, & High-Pressure Assist Gas, 1996
  BYSTRONIC Bylas 3012, 1500 Watt, 4' x 10' Auto-Dual Pallet Shuttel System, Semi-Automatic Swing Arm Type Material Loading System, Non-contact Cutting Head, & Dust Collector., 1991
  CINCINNATI CL-707, 2.0kW, 6 X 12 Auto-Dual Pallet, High Speed Linear Drive Motors, 32-Bit Pentium CNC Windows NT, Upgraded American Laser Enterprises SATURN III Non-Contact Cutting Head w/5 & 7.5 Focal Lens, Programmable High-Pressure Assist Gas, & Chiller Unit. Re-Conditioned Resonator, Installation(Within the U.S.A.), & Machine Operational Instructions Included., 1996
  CINCINNATI CL-707, 3300 Wat CW, 6' x 12' Auto-Dual Pallet Shuttle System, All Standard Machine Features Including; PC Based Windows NT CNC, High-Speed Linear Motors, Non-Contact Cutting Head, Programmable High-Pressure Assist Gas, 2005
  MAZAK Super TURBO-X48 w/LUL, 2000 Watt, 4' x 8' Sheet Capacity, Automatic Material Load/Unload System, Small Parts/Scrap Conveyor, Work-Piece Lifter, Chiller Unit, & All Standard Machine Features, 1993
  MAZAK SpaceGear MARK II, 5' x 10' Sheet Capcity w/16.5" Z-Axis, 4000 Watt, 2-D & 3-D Mode Operation w/360 Degree A-Axis & 135 Degree B-Axis Non-Contact Compact Cutting Head, Programmable High Pressure Assist Gas System, Small Parts/Scrap Conveyor, & Work-Piece Lifter; ADDITIONAL OPTIONS INCLUDED: Rotary Axis Attachment & Dust Collector, 2005
  MITSUBISHI 2512HC, 1600 Watt, 4' x 8' Sheet Capcity, Material Lifters, Small Parts/Scrap Conveyor & Updated Accuchiller THERMALCARE Air-Cooled Chiller Unit, 1992
  MITSUBISHI 3015-LZP, 4200 Watt, 5' x 10' Auto-Dual Pallet Shuttle System, PRECITEC Non-Contact Cutting Head(Utilizes 5 & 7.5 Focal Lens) High-Pressure Cutting Assist Gas, Beam Optimizer(BO), Material Workpiece Lifter, Accuchiller THERMALCARE Air-Cooled Chiller Unit & TORIT Dust Collector, Date of Mfg. 10/2000, 2000
  TRUMPF L 3030, 3000 Watt, 5' x 10' Auto-Dual Pallet, TRUMAGRAPH CC 220S(32 Bit), Automatic Pallet Exchanger, Flying Optics Beam Delivery System, Non-Contact Z Axis Cutting Head, Hi-Pressure Cuttting Assist Gas, Chiller Unit, and Dust Vacuum Extraction System. Turbo Replaced 5/07, 1998
  TRUMPF L2510XL, 2000 Watt TCF1, 4' x 10' Sheet Capcity, Siemens CNC, Intergrated In-Line Automated Material Load/Unload System, Additionally Equipped with the following Standard & Optional Features; Nitro-Jet High Pressure Cutting, Auto-Las Plus, Positioning Laser Diode, 5" & 7.5" Cutting Heads, Programmable Assist Gas, Double Sheet Detection, Timed System Shut-Down, & Filtration Unit. Installed 2007, 2000 Watt TCF1, 2006
  W. A. Whitney PlateLASER w/PlateHANDLER L/UL System, 80" x 160" Auto-Dual Pallet, 6000 Watt PRC, PRC FH6000(w/PRC LIFELONG Electrodes & Oil Free TURBOFLOW Compressor), Siemens 840 D CNC(w/ILC-Intelligent Laser Control), High-Speed Direct Drive Linear Motors, W.A. Whitney PlateHANDLER Material Load/Unload System(1 Thick Max. Sheet Capacity), Capacitive Height Sensing Cutting Head(7.5, 10 & 12.5 Focal Length Lens w/Independent Lens Control for Rapid Pierce Cycle & Focal Shift), Automatic Scrap Removal System, & Dust Collector. Approx. 13,500 Resonator-on Hours, 2005
CNC Turret Punches
  AMADA PEGA 357, 33 Tons, 50" x 72" + Repo, 58 Sta. w/2 A/I, FANUC 04PC, Hydr. Clutch & Brake, 1993
  MURATA WIEDEMANN Centrum 2000 Q, 40" X 48" Plus Repositioning(96), 22 U.S. / 20 Metric Ton, 22 Sta.w/2 Auto-Index, FANUC OP CNC, & Hydraulic Clutch & Brake, 1989 & 1995
  STRIPPIT 1250 MH/30, 49.2" x 98.4" Sheet Capcity, 33 U.S. / 30.5 Metric, All Standard Machine Features Including; GE Fanuc O-P CNC, Hydraulic Fully ProgrammableSmart Stroke for Maximum Performance and Flexibility in Punching and Forming, Hypertherm MAX 200(40-200 amp) Plasma Unit, Programmable Clamping w/3 Sets of Clamps(Extended Range, Heavy Duty, Bolster), Slug Conveyor, Complete Set of Large Station Tool Holder Assemblies, w/Large Assortment of Tooling & Dust Collector, 1996
  BUFFALO #0 IRONWORKER, 3" x 3" x 3/8", 30 TON, Equipped With: Work Stations- Punch, Section Shear/Bar Shear, Flat Bar Shear, Coper & Notcher, One-Shot Lube, Wheeled Mobile Base, Length Gauge, Overhead Work Station Light, Misc. Punches/Dies in Attached Tooling Box, & Machine Manuals. This Machine Can Be Tooled To Cut Angles, Tees, I-Beams, & Channels., 1956
  CAROLINA CMP-1100 H-Frame Press, 13" X 28" Bed, 40 Ton,
  MILLER Electric Welder, 10kVA, MSP10, Rocker Type Spot Welder, 230V Single Phase, 23" Throat, Pneumaticly Controlled, Water Cooled Welding Tips, Timer, & Electric Foot Switch.,
  Uni-Hydro 95-24, 6 x 6 x 1/2, 95 Ton, 14" Throat Depth, 4 Stations - Punch, Bar/Flat Shear, Angle Shear(w/90 Degree Slug Type Angle Shear Fixture), & Notching Station, Bar Shear Table, 2 Die Stands, 40 SPM( Light Material) - 8 SPM(Max. Capacity), 7.5 HP. 3000 PSI 2-Stage Hydraulic Pump, 26 Amps. 230V-3Ph., All Standard Machine Features Including, Remote Electric Foot Switch Operation, & Machine Manual. *w/Respective Fixtures & Tooling, Machine can be Utlilized as a Press Brake, Channel Shear, Rod Shear, Coper Notcher, Square Notcher & Pipe Notcher., 1998
Press Brakes
  CINCINNATI 90 CB x 8, Hydr., 90 Ton, 10' OA., 8.5' BH., HURCO Autobend 5C 1-Axis CNC Back Gauge Control(Reconditioned/Upgraded), Ram Speed Control, Ram Level & Tilt Control, 24 Back Gauge Range, Lower Die Rail Holder, Remote Operator Pedestal w/Dual Palm Buttons & Emergency Stop Switch Button, Electric Foot Switch Operation, & Flush-Floor Mount Design., 1987
  CINCINNATI 135AF-6, Hydr., 135 Ton X 8' OA. 6'6" BH, CINCINNATI Adaptive Autoform Multi-Axis CNC w/2-Axis Machine(Y1 & Y2) & 2-Axis Back Gauge(X, R), Automatic Bed Crowning, Quick-Release Upper Tooling Clamps w/Misc Tooling, Remote Pedestal Mounted Palm Buttons w/Emergency Stop Button, & an Electric Foot Switch, 1991
  RAS TURBObend plus 62.30, 14 ga. / 2mm X 125.9 / 3200mm, CNC MULTIBEND 5000 Controller(Pendant mounted, full-color, panoramic graphic display), Integrated CNC Sheet Support & Back Gauging System(0.24 - 61 Range) w/9 Stop-Finger Units & Adjustable Sheet Support Panels, Upper Beam Tool Quick Clamping System, Misc. Sectionalized Tooling w/Tooling Cart, and All Standard Machine Features, 1999
  WYSONG 90-10 Mech., 90 Ton X 12"OA. 10'6" BH., HURCO Autobend 7 CNC Back Gage System(w/24 Travel), Complete Set of Upper Tooling Clamps, Full Length Die Rail Holder, Hydraulically Actuated Disc-Type Clutch Assembly, Motorized Ram Adjustment, and All Standard Machine Features, 1976
Squaring Shears/Notchers
  WYSONG 1025, 1/4" x 10' Mech., PC 100 NC Controlled Programmable 36 Front Operated Power Back Gauge, w/Optional Powered Precision Squaring Arm & Powered Precision Front Gauging System, Auto Lubrication, Barrier Guard, & Electric Foot Switch Operation, 1988
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